Thursday November 1, 2018

INSPIRATIONAL ASSIGNMENT: To design and submit one project inspired by the King Tut Exhibition held at the California Sciences Museum @ USC *What inspired my design was an Ostrich Feather wand that was showcased in a large glass box. Apparently, the feathers collected for King Tuts wand were from the Ostriches that he had personally hunted. The feathers were displayed into an ornate, Egyptian inscribed wooden piece that was used by servants to cool off the King. *My design inspiration had a major influence to it. My dear friend, Chelsi Smith, former Miss Universe 1995, Miss USA 1995, and Miss Texas 1995, had just passed away from her battle with cancer. Her memorial service was held in Houston, Texas the same day as Metropolitan Fashion Week. I decided to design a piece in tribute to Chelsi that represented strength and beauty of a woman. I wanted the gown to celebrate women and remind them of the strengths they have within and to fight and take charge of life just as my friend Chelsi did during her time on earth....... Read more on Full Issue!

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