Wednesday January 1, 2020

WALK MY WAY By Mayenne Carmona Move over, Superman! There is a new hero in town, and he is seemingly as invincible as he is well-loved. Urdaneta Village’s most senior resident Manolo Carmona just celebrated his 100th birthday. Friends and relatives from all over the world flew in to attend the Centenarian’s birthday given it is such a rarity nowadays. Manolo’s children – Charlie, Mayenne, Annie, Loudette, Marissa, and Bing – assisted by the birthday celebrant’s office staff, organized the grand occasion. The event took place at Urdaneta Village’s Friendship Hall, where it was attended by 200 of Manolo’s friends, relatives, and his office personnel. Even his golf buddies from Wack Wack (where he served as President for two terms) were present. Taking a break from their practice swings, the members and officers of the Wack Wack Golf & Country Club honored the century-old celebrant with a good old fashioned party on the green at the club days prior to his actual birthday. Heartwarming tributes filtered in, filling eyes with tears of joy; Francis de Borja, a longtime friend, and Vicky Schmid, his Golden Tee Golf partner of five years, contributed to the highlight reel of the evening. After a sumptuous Filipino-themed dinner – complete with lechon, bibingka, puto bung bong, and a sorbetero cart – guests were ready to rock & roll with Ramon Jacinto and his lively band. Manolo’s grandson Stephan Carmona Chan sang a few of his Lolo’s favorite Spanish songs, much to the birthday boy’s delight. With the light of love lifting up his spirits and lighting up his eyes, it is no wonder that Manolo made it to 100. After such a fitting celebration for a Centenarian who had led a purpose-driven life, this just goes to show that in...... Read more on Full Issue!

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