Making the most of our Harvest

Saturday December 1, 2018

For those of us living in the Western Hemisphere the time of the harvest is upon us-the days grow shorter, temperatures begin to drop, the sun rises each morning at an ever decreasing angle casting long shadows as the Earth prepares to tuck itself in for a restful sleep from which it will emerge renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated, AND, ready to bloom in the Spring. If only we would follow suit how much more might we get out of life? If after a long year of working, playing, loving, hating, fighting, reuniting, terminating then rekindling friendships and relationships both personal and business, we used this time of year to reflect, refract, relax, reevaluate, and, reap the fruits of the seeds we sowed in the Spring nurtured to fruition in the Summer might we come the following Spring not be all the better for it? Yes, say those of us cognizant, prescient, and, conscious enough to appreciate that the quality of our harvest is a direct reflection of the consequences of our thoughts and emotions not just in the Spring and Summer but perhaps most importantly during the impending Winter. Winter is the season of retrospection, introspection, and, reevaluation processes which generate true knowledge based on experience, the food of thought upon which the seed feeds to imbue itself with the required degree of cognitive nutrition to insure it will germinate in the Spring. Winter then, far from being a time of comatose hibernation, is an opportunity for us and the earth to regather our life force-collect, collate, align, codify,and, perfect our thoughts or the fruit of our harvest quantified as our growth-manifested and realized in the multitudinous iterations of positive ways that we’ve changed for the better.It benefits others -the true fruit of our labors-for which...... Read more on Full Issue!

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