Monday February 1, 2021

By: Naiia Lajoie It was early during his childhood that Patrick Santa Ana discovered he had a penchant for the arts. From coloring, to painting, to even producing his own plays with his at times not-so-willing siblings, Patrick found joy in just about any creative outlet. He would create costumes and do the makeup of his play’s participants, striving for perfection even at a young age. “I remember a Christmas pageant I did with cousins who were visiting; so about six of us kids, all 10-years-old and under” he recalls. “It was a mix of the nativity scene with Santa and reindeers, all done in a small bedroom using props from whatever we found in our complex.” From his early teens in junior high and transitioning into his 20s, Patrick shifted his creative focus from the fine arts to the fashion industry; selfdescribed as obsessing over models, shows, working backstage, as well as the production goings-on behind the scenes. Whether it was inventing an image, movie, commercial, or look book, from high school to graduation Patrick continued practicing his craft of glamming anyone up that would allow him to do so. One gig in particular that stands out in Patrick’s mind is working backstage of a runway show as a dresser during his early 20s. As a struggling artist getting paid solely $50/day, he took it upon himself to accept any job relating to his industry, even if it involved cleaning or steaming clothes backstage. It was fortuitous that he felt this way too, as on that fateful day a makeup artist neglected to show up. “I jumped on the opportunity and offered…to help” he recalls. “The model I worked on was so happy with how fast I glammed her [up, that] she told her...... Read more on Full Issue!

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