Tuesday December 1, 2020

By: Naiia Lajoie


Maria Rebecca Garcia, or simply “Becky”, is formerly the Co- chairman of the Philippine Olympic Committee Commission on Culture. The Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Vonotec, Inc.; a multinational company dealing in the distribution of building maintenance system equipment. More artistically however, she is known for being the Founder and President of the Philippine DanceSport Federation – or PDSF for short. Formerly the Dance Sport Council of the Philippines (DSCPI), it is a national organization professionalizing the ballroom dance industry.

Becky is also the Founder of the Philippines DanceSport Academy (PDSA), the Professional Dance Teachers Associated (PDTA), a Committee Member of DanceSport Asia (DSA), and the Co-Chairman of the Philippines Olympic Committee; specifically the Commission on Culture. She is also a current columnist in the Manila Times, with her column “Hi Society” being made available every Saturday.

In the past, Becky has been an Executive Committee member of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts. She is also a former licensed adjudicator for the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF), and former director of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.

Her previous experience in the realm of media is also quite extensive; Becky was a TV Host for several programs. Dance Upon A Time; a weekly show on RJTV29, Let’s Ballroom with Becky; a weekly show on RPN 9, Eezy Dancing; a weekly show on ABC 5, as well as Sportacular Asia; a weekly show on Channel 13. Also hosted a TV show on RPN 9 Dance With Becky, her hosting career extended beyond visual media as she was the on air host for the radio program “DanceSport with Becky”, which aired weekly on Angel Radio.

Becky had a brief stint as a former columnist in two newspapers, Manila Standard and The Daily Inquirer, along with the defunct Manila Chronicle. Formerly a lecturer in a hotel management course (Sales and Public Relations) at the International Tourism and Training School based at the Manila Hilton several years ago. She was also President of Chase Thomas International, a public relations and promotions company. Furthering the extent of her promotional background, she was a partner of Novel Ventures, which was a company that organized events, fashion shows, and international shows, not to mention was on the Board of Trustees for the Love 14 Foundation. This was a charitable organization handling the search for Manila’s Five Loveliest Women. Needless to say she is as accomplished as her accolades are as varied and extensive.

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