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Tuesday August 1, 2017

Aloha Manila Up Real Estate Junkies! Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills or a palace in the English countryside, or maybe an 18th century Italian Villa along the Amalfi Coast? Well, you are not alone! If you’re like me, I’m a real estate junkie to the end, and a huge fan of HGTV. Shows like International House Hunters, Million Dollar Listing LA and NYC, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Hawaii Life, etc., to name a few are my weekly “fix” and “MUST SEE” TV addictions. And another reason why I became a realtor!

Having been a professional realtor for over 18 years now on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, I’ve seen my fair share of luxury homes from beach front estates to mountain-top equestrian estates. It truly is one of the most fascinating aspects of my job, to step into the world of the rich-and-famous (or not!) and see how they live behind closed doors. You might ask, “what drives the affluent buyer to invest (not merely purchase) in these ultra-expensive homes?”, whether they be their primary residence, secondary, or part of a collection of homes. The answer is, I’ve learned in working with high net-worth clients, is simply, because “they can”! Typically, luxury home purchases are not a necessity, rather an “impulse” buy and they view these investments as part of their overall “portfolio “.

So, while you may think, that all luxury homes carry a price tag of $10 million or more, don’t be fooled, because there are bargains around the world which may cost you less than you think. Especially if you live in a US city or overseas city, the median home prices can reach upward to $1million or more (areas like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Vancouver BC, Sydney, etc.) then maybe it’s time to trade in your big city life for a more affordable “mansion” or “villa” across the globe!

I researched some really HOT BUYS, across the globe, for “Living Large” for a budget of One Million US dollars, and here’s what you get:

In Bali….a Modern Asian inspired Ocean View gets you this:

In Italy….a villa in the hillside countryside of Tuscany ….would get you this: In Belize, another hot spot for International buyers…would get you this:

In France, a countryside French Chateau….Imagine Chardonnay, brie cheese and dining al fresco on your terrace…..

So you see, while they say LOCATION is everything, so is the quality of life and making your dollar stretch in ways you thought were only possible for the Rich and Famous are available now, in many parts of the world! But, don’t wait too long because these undiscovered hot spots are being discovered by thousands of globe-trotters looking for their next dream home at a bargain price! Are you next?

Randolph “Randy” Antonio, is a Real Estate Consultant, with KW Island Living Maui. He’s been a long-time resident of Maui for over 20 years, truly loves the island life, and he’s been a featured realtor on House Hunters goes to Maui episode. You can reach him for all your real estate needs, at , or visit his website:

KW, the world’s largest real estate company in the world, (approximately 150,000 agents worldwide and in 33 countries, as of June 2017), has officially announced their opening of KW offices in the Philippines! If you, or anyone you know, is interested in a real estate career in the Philippines, or here in the US, please contact me for details. Mahalo! Salamat Po!

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