Monday May 1, 2023

by Danrochelle D. Yumul Photos courtesy of: Live at Paco’s Place The trio of Paco Arespacochaga, JJ Buencamino, and Michael Abad are at the heart of Live at Paco’s Place, a podcast featuring people in the community with real stories at the intersection of music and personal experiences. Their mission: to inspire, to inform, and to make an impact. When you step into their studio, boundless energy and positivity emanate through the entire process. The podcast is the brainchild of Paco Arespacochaga, the drummer of Introvoys, the number one OPM band in North America. His stint as the VJ for Wish Bus in the early 2000s, planted the seeds of hosting his own platform to feature stories and personalities behind the music. Where Paco excels as the host, JJ Buencamino, technical director and fellow Introvoys bandmate, works magic behind the scenes, handling all postproduction to ensure the podcast is delivered flawlessly across all social media platforms and channels. Rounding up the trio is Michael Abad, the artist relations manager and the drummer of Los Angeles based Indie band, Monarc. As the liaison between guests, he is the logistics guru for schedules and making things happen for the podcast. Their first episode aired in January 2020, featuring Jaja Arespacochaga, Paco’s wife, as they discussed the journey of making this project a reality, the challenges, and the heart and soul poured into it. Currently, Live at Paco’s Place aired close to two hundred episodes and still counting! It’s quickly become a hub for musicians, creatives, artists, community leaders from diverse backgrounds. Past guests include Jannelle So-Perkins (host and executive producer of SoJannelleTV), Drew Hester, (two-time Grammy Award winning musician), Consul General Edgar Badajos, Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles, and J.R. Richards, founding member of Dishwalla. However,...... Read more on Full Issue!

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