Life is Change

Tuesday January 1, 2019

We Homo Sapiens who seek knowledge in order to be even wiser- are born of a discordant fundamentally flawed union not one of us is or will ever be “perfect” this is True as it is by design there is always room for improvement Those of us who always strive to improve our situation first must Care in order to Love which opens us to Knowledge the destroyer of Fear Lies Ignorance Confusion In order to understand the world we must first know our Self.

The way “out” is always in

As it is within – so is it without to know our Self is to know the Universe the Universe is Mind As it is aboveso is it below if we are not rooted in Generative Care we soon slip beneath the sinking sands of Willful Ignorance blinded by our own glittering sea of self-deception

To know and not do is to not know to seek knowledge is to serve Truth

Truth is what IS-nothing more or less-”Beliefs” are irrelevant counterproductive antagonistic destructive if Life is COFFEE BREAK BY J they do not align perfectly with what IS as opposed to what we “want” “believe” think we “need” or “imagine” ourselves or Life itself to be.

Life is Change nothing more or less

To follow Truth is to take the Right Hand path-the straight and narrow Truth is a flat line it does not waiver nor does it change as it has been so forever it shall be where Lies change constantly in order to remain “credible” “relevant” “believable” Truth Changes Not instead it is envel- oped in obscurity thus it glows in the shadows.

To seek Knowledge is to shine a light that reveals the path we choose to follow only then will we know if we are going the “Right” way.

Right is the opposite polarity of Wrong to do “Right” is to improve our situation by uplifting others to the best of our ability in always striving to serve Truth above all while not knowingly doing harm to any other sentient being in the process.

Our life is cyclical it is rhythmic- what comes around goes around- we can do whatever we like-but never without consequences we reap what we sow to follow Truth is to harmonize our Thoughts Emotions Actions in such a way that we walk the talk- when we do the consequences of our Actions align with Truth which is what Is-nothing more or less.

When we follow it the high frequency of the wavelengths we generate vibrate so quickly they transmogrify into a flat line when our Actions are Rightly the culmination harmonization of our Thoughts and Emotions- the vibration is the word- the word is the sword wielded to rend all deception Ignorance Confusion Fear asunder in service of Truth above all if used to serve Chaos we will only succeed in cutting our throats with our own tongues.

To Under Stand is to literally Stand Under the Natural Law of the Universe which is perfect as opposed to flawed Secular or Sacrosanct Codes Statutes Acts Decrees Dogma while there are those who may zealously truncate Crowley choosing to live by the credo “Do what thou wilt” a closer reading of the scrib- blings of Aleister reveal.

Love is the Law Love under Will every consequence is born of the Action of our Free Will not only can we change we are always changing-like it or not regardless of how we may “feel” or what we “believe” both are irrelevant counterproductive if they are not aligned perfectly with Truth which can be known is not amorphous or relativerequires neither “belief ” nor “acceptance” to exist-it can not will not does not change.

Truth Is what Is-While Truth changes Not Life IS Change nothing more or less-embrace change serve Truth

While the sun rises low on the horizon as one year ends so too do our egos die shedding false no- tions of Self rooted in seeds of Fear Ignorance Confusion feeding off the resultant Chaos.

By fire nature is restored in purity the fire of our thirst for Truth every year each day hour minute we are reborn cleansed renewed-every morning when we wake we rise from the grave to seek the sun of knowledge moved by the moon of our emotions in which our mind has bathed through the night.

With each step we stretch our limbs riding on the waves of our voices we reach for the stars through our Actions-we are unstoppable we are beautiful we are born of a discordant fundamentally flawed union not one of us is or will ever be “perfect” this is True as it is by design there is always room for improvement. n

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