Life as a Casino Employee (Not for everyone but there’s something in it for anyone)

Tuesday May 1, 2018

My husband and I have been casino employees for over 40 combined years. The hours may be haphazard, holidays non-existent, and unrelenting angry/drunk gamblers abound. That being said, the pay is exceptional, medical benefits very adequate, work in a relatively clean, safe, air conditioned atmosphere, and many yearly weeks of paid time off. My husband arrived in Las Vegas as a journeyman union electrician, but having an affinity for mathematics, was intrigued by the mathematical odds and concepts which govern and control gaming’s guaranteed edge over the casino gambler. I got into casino employment thru the advice of a friend for the positive reasons stated above. My small family (husband and one child) has settled into a reflectively stress free, upper middle class, rewarding family life. As we know, most of the populace is not indigenous to Las Vegas, therefore, casino employment constitutes a profound change in the lifestyle of whoever dares take the plunge into what I believe is a safe, permanent, lucrative, and rewarding endeavor. Many, including my husband, found himself a constituent of a “dream job” in of itself. Coming from many years in the construction industry, and later accomplishing the elite status of a skilled journeyman wireman electrician out of IBEW local 673 Electricians Union, he couldn’t believe how fortunate he was to work in an environment which affords him breaks every hour, free food, air-conditioning, paid time off, medical benefits, and most of all, a job where one can’t lose his/her life on any given day in an accident as with a job as an electrician. Conversely, there are those who joined this casino career straight from high school and never experienced any strenuous or backbreaking, low paying job. I hear complaints of sore feet or aching backs, or long...... Read more on Full Issue!

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