Friday December 1, 2023

By Jhoanna B. de Guzman PROVERBS 31 WOMAN “He who knows he has enough is rich.” - Lao Tzu One fine afternoon, I came across a quote that left a lasting impact on me: “He who knows he has enough is rich” by Lao Tzu. These simple words gave me a profound realization. I began to understand that many of the challenges people face stem from a sense of discontentment and a lack of gratitude. The realization of – understanding what “enough” constitutes – feels like a sudden wake-up call in my life. I must confess, for many years, my focus has been on self-improvement and striving for success by continuously doing more. However, I’ve come to realize a flaw in this mindset. I need to consider an endpoint. Where does this relentless pursuit lead, and will I only find happiness when I’ve acquired everything I have prayed for? The answer is immediate in my thoughts, there seems to be no end because once I achieve one goal, I swiftly move on to the next. It’s an unending cycle. Perhaps, it’s time for a shift. Instead of constantly asking what more I can achieve, my question should now be, what is truly enough? I’m beginning to adopt the belief that true wealth is not measured by abundant money, luxurious homes, cars, or lavish vacations. Instead, genuine wealth lies in the understanding of what is truly “enough”. A decade ago, my aspirations included a job, a husband, a modest house, a car, and the opportunity to travel – and now, I have it and have experienced it. I am content, deeply grateful, and it brings a smile to my face. Counting my blessings brings me immense peace. So, take a moment to reflect on everything you...... Read more on Full Issue!

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