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Friday September 1, 2017

We’re way past half the year of 2017 but it’s been such an amazing one especially with events following one after another. For example, last August 12th in Carlsbad, in a gorgeous mansion an event was put together for a good cause by Founder Al Harris and Co-Founder Raquel Sanchez of the organization called Kiss the Monkeys (KTM). It’s always a joy and a pleasure that we get to participate & Manila Up! International Magazine was present to partake in the exciting event. Prior to it, Kiss the Mermaids was officially launched at a gala. Kiss the Mermaids had a magnificent underwater photoshoot taken by the talented Alex Sher.

Lisseth Corrao from Couture USA hosted the Aqua Gala Event, a charity event benefitting the Magdalene-Ecke Family YMCA to launch KTM’s Women Empowerment Organization. Every lady guest that evening looked lovely. As the guests arrived, there were a few photographers present to take pictures at the red carpet. They walked into the mansion greeting the organizers, Al and Raquel as music which was provided by DJ Aljess Bernardo of A8 Creatives filled the air. Emcees that evening were Sonya Berg and JP West who did a good job keeping the guests entertained, introducing amazing musicians such as Tiffany Nicole Brevard and Ryan Brahms.

Guests were entertained with two fashion shows. One was with designer Annette Higgins wearing & showcasing her designer hats with her beautiful models on stage by the pool area of the mansion. The second fashion show was by fashion designer Lisseth Corrao with her designer dresses. A stage by pool area was nicely decorated with a masterpiece backdrop of flowers designed by florist and event planner Norayma Weaver of Sol Luna Events.

Tiffany Nicole Brevard and her Mom were awarded the Kiss the Mermaids Evolutionist Award at the Aqua Gala event. Tiffany rendered a beautiful song and played the harp while singing her song. Versatile musician Ryan Brahms sang a few songs while he played a couple of instruments too. Jena Masero danced a nice Hawaiian number.

The last highlight was an auction of bachelors: Bachelor Billy Broas, Andrew William Steel and James Hawthorn. It was pretty exciting watching women bid for these bachelors!

Tasty delights like Filet Mignon, crab and halibut were served by Bratzo Basagoitia from Cafe Secret, a Peruvian restaurant in Del Mar. Ara Lebanese Grill served delicious food as well. Peter Wrobel and Diana Mendoza from Koo Koo Liqueur made us try their tasty Chocolate Liqueur.

The show ended sweet with pictures taken at the red carpet of Kiss the Mermaids, a bit of dancing, guests mingling and networking. I met so many amazing people that night. Truly I am thankful to Al and Raquel for the invite. Organizers are thankful to those that made the event a success. Among the (too many to mention are) volunteers Scott Kurachi and Faris Addal along with Sidney Garcia for his support in promotion and sponsorship. Aqua Gala Event wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of everyone working together towards a common goal or mission.

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