Kiss me…HERMES!

Tuesday December 1, 2020

LET’S PARTY By: AGILE ZAMORA   The cream of cosmopolitan high society came to witness the launch of Hermes Lipsticks; an event that I had been looking forward to because of the quality of the product and my love for the company. Indeed, a double whammy for party people like me. I truly love these lipsticks. An absolute must-try and must-have, the Hermes Lipsticks stand out for their colors – and the way they stick to your lips, if that’s not stressing the obvious! But then again, how can one go wrong with a Hermes product? Typically when we think of Hermes, we think of leather goods. And yet, here comes this line of lipsticks that are elegant, attractive, and oh-so-charming. The party was what one might expect from a typical Rustan’s production; with so much champagne, cocktails, and drinks. And food – glorious food – which I could have had more of, except that I kept reminding myself that I had to move on to the next party (and that said party was a birthday dinner). Instead, my consolation was trying on some of the lipsticks, which gave us girls a grand time in bonding and exchanging the latest beauty tips. Well, what is left to say? Except that Hermes is every woman’s dream. When it comes to this brand, we are all such fanatics. The capital H is warranted when spelling “Hermes”. Always capitalizing on the best, this event truly was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Hermes is all about, as the brand’s credibility as a top provider of the world’s best luxury products holds fast and true. Take this tip from me, honey, here goes; you will feel a lot better buying Hermes products in a Hermes store...... Read more on Full Issue!

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