Monday February 1, 2021

KIKI WANG is an accomplished award-winning Hollywood celebrity fashion designer. She has dressed celebrities from all around the world. Her story has been praised and published in many magazines, shown on TV programs, and share via social media globally. As a natural-born designer, Kiki Wang designed and sewed her first pieces of clothing at just 6 years ago; they were for her baby doll. She became a very talented painter during her childhood but she never attended an art school. Instead, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Business Administrations thereafter. After working as a manager in the marketing field, Kiki Wang decided to pursue her dream of starting her own fashion business. Known for her sharp and unexpected – yet classy – designs, she insists that all clothes must be comfortable first. To ensure the brand quality, Kiki Wang likes to use natural and high quality fabric such as silk for her designs. All of her designs are dedicated to making the person who is wearing the clothing stand out. Kiki Wang and her designs have been on the cover of and heavily featured in fashion magazines across the globe. New York fashion mag EPN Magazine bestowed onto her the title of “Empress of Fashion Design” in their Designers’ Spotlight section. British magazine’s CVH 1st Class Magazine crowned her “Queen of Couture”. Hollywood’s Shine On Hollywood Magazine called her one of the “top Asian professionals in America”. A Hong Kong-based magazine covering Asian Nnws featured her as an “Asian News Woman”, while an international Chinese magazine titled her the “Red Queen”, and finally worldly publication named her the “Empress of Fashion Dreams”. Her magical works have been featured in various French, Irish, and Italian magazines, as well as Vogue...... Read more on Full Issue!

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