June Gloom not!

Friday June 1, 2018

While living in Los Angeles for many years, there was what folks called “June gloom”. That hazy, somewhat out of place cloudiness over the otherwise sunny skies of the Sunshine State. Here in Maui, as I write this piece, we have our own version called “Vog”, also known as volcanic fog. With the recent outburst of Pele, the Goddess known and revered in Hawaii for her mighty, powerful leashes of lava, we are “vogged out” (for lack of a better term, I coined this one). The spews from the Big Island, our neighbor blanket us and obscure the sun from most of the isle. Not to be repulsed, the nonplussed native Hawaiians go about their business as their forebears had in generations past. Last night was a full moon, mesmerizing as it reflected upon the waters shimmering in its splendid light. The palm trees were silhouetted amidst the profile of Haleakala, swaying in the light evening breeze. Today, I watched as fisher folks rounded the shoreline, casting their lines. They carefully avoid the resident turtles who slovenly feast on the seaweed by the rocks close to shore. This morning, a rather odd sight greeted me. A solitary figure waded into the shallow tide and patiently rocked his shovel into the sand, sifting through it and sieved some into a screen mesh of sorts he had floating beside him. I took a shot from behind as I sat watching from the lounge chair on the lawn hoping to catch his attention. Not perturbed and obviously oblivious to my presence behind him, he kept at it as if on a mission. I took a brief break to check back later only to find he had gone as quietly as he had come into the picture. Curious, I...... Read more on Full Issue!

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