Johnny Litton’s Birthday

Sunday November 4, 2018

The debonair Johnny Litton celebrated his birthday recently at the Grand Ballroom of The Bellevue Manila. The theme was “Fiesta Latina”. The event was a huge success and made possible by the immense support and presence of the Latin American Ambassadors in the Philippines. Each Latin American Ambassador also had a booth in the grand ballroom with cocktails, food and other items representing their respective country for guests to enjoy. Gracing the event with their presence were Johnny’s family, friends and colleagues in the business and social circles as well as several government officials together with other members of the diplomatic Corps. As Johnny took to the floor to welcome his guests, he spoke about his 3 families: the first being his family with his loving wife Tere, the second being his family with his PR and Events company and the third being his family with The Philippine Star. He also spoke about his love for Latin America as he spent several months traveling from country to country for his honeymoon. Happy Birthday Awesome Mr Jonny Litton……n...... Read more on Full Issue!

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