Thursday July 1, 2021

Joanna Borov is a Polish-born model who is based in Los Angeles, loving the warmer weather and sunlight Southern California has to offer. She has modeled for publications such as Marie Claire, British Vogue, and Maxim. She has walked runway shows such as Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Los Angeles Fashion Week. Joanna can be described as passionate about what she does in the fashion industry. She admits that she has faced difficulties along the way but she has always viewed the cup as being half-full, demonstrating an unwavering view of optimism. In her spare time, she has participated in charities such as “Babes in Toyland”, which serves children in underprivileged communities during Christmastime. She was taught by her family to help others, and modelling has provided a platform that allows her to do so. 2020 was a difficult year for many, especially given the global pandemic. It was a time full of tragedies; a time in which Joanna feels empathy. She was still dealing with the effects of an injury – she had a serious hip labral tear in 2019 – and she could not go to the gym since all facilities were on lockdown at the time. Due to these limitations, her injury began to feel worse. She was unable to de-stress, for exercise was her main way of diffusing tension and relaxing. Jobs were also hard at times due to safety measures and concerns. In the midst of all of this, Joanna wanted to focus on the positive. She changed her lifestyle completely by going on a healthier diet, doing intermittent fasting in the mornings, besides eating more protein. She also worked out more at home, doing mindfulness-related activities and practicing more yoga. She went walking, hiking, and would go...... Read more on Full Issue!

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