Wednesday December 1, 2021

by ROBERT WOMACK FROM HOLLYWOOD TO ASIA “The Filipina Pea” is not a Filipino variation of Pisum Sativum, the common garden green pea. In fact, the Filipina Pea is not a vegetable at all. She is in fact, an exceedingly intelligent young woman with a very entertaining, well-articulated, informative, YouTube channel. The Filipina Pea is a popular, charismatic social media celebrity who has garnered a following of subscribed viewers. More still, Pea has consented to answer questions in an exclusive interview with Manila Up! Magazine’s Robert Womack. In this interview, you will come to know this “Pea” in so far as her channel, content, scope, theatrical delivery, goals, and as far as her future projects are concerned. However, before delving into this interview, it is important to have a little preview into her delightful channel. Admittedly, The Filipina Pea would tell you herself that her programs are geared towards expats. Either those who wish to travel to her native country, the Philippines, or the expat community that is at large around all the Philippine Islands. Then again, her channel offers something more than just catering to expats. Pea has wisdom beyond her years and insight that is not just for expats, but for all men and women everywhere. Miss Pea renders her thoughts, guidance, and thoughtful opinions regarding love, romance, and the differences between the sexes. Moreover, Pea’s delivery on her channel is very entertaining. For example, she acquires costumes and choreographs her own narrative in a stand-up comedic way. For instance, she uses different themes like a character from “Star Trek” complete with well known sounds and recognizable backgrounds. Another well done costume you would recognize is from “I Dream of Jeanie”, and certainly many will recognize that sexy outfit similarly worn by Barbara...... Read more on Full Issue!

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