EZWay Wall of Fame

Saturday December 1, 2018

The eZWay Wall of Fame was created by one of the top ten social media influencers in the world. Ranked # 7 of the top ten, by “Hollywood Weekly Magazine,” “Actors Reporter”, “Cold Heat News”, and many more, Mr. Eric Zuley founded eZWay Broadcasting, Inc. His business is now branded as eZWay Network, a multimedia conglomerate affiliated to thousands of other media companies. EZWay Wall of Fame The eZWay wall of Fame is a platform used to honor their clients, members and the eZWay Family. This collaborative network creates social proof and assists each other in monetizing their businesses. Digitally, it makes subscribers, clients, and supporters able to find one another. This clever creation promotes relationships and collaborations that were unreachable in the past. The network provides a user login for all visitors to be able to be seen by their 478,000 hits per month. This promotional tool is the only one of its kind and promotes users’ social media, websites, videos, audio and picture galleries. Others have compared it to a digital “Hall of Fame” or digital “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. Who’s Who among celebrities, influencers, and change makers are promoted on the wall. Some of these include: Frank Shankwitz, creator of the “Make a Wish Foundation” Christopher Lloyd, the Doc, on “Back to the Future” Kevin Sorbo, from the TV series, Hercules Anthony Anderson, Star of Blackish Kate Linder who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her role as Ester Valentine on The Young and The Restless Dre Swan, Mr. Sizzle Music producer, Video sizzle genius Bill Brown, Sponsorship Adviser & Consultant Pauline Crawford-Omps, Miss Magical Conversations Founder Meri Crouley, Founder Freedom Ball Dr. Dante Sears, Founder World Prosperity Network Teresa Snider, TV/Radio Host Ron Klein, Inventor of the...... Read more on Full Issue!

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