Contouring is out, Strobing is in: The latest makeup trend for your summer look

Thursday June 1, 2017

Don’t you just love it when summer is approaching? I love how the suns sets so late and how it makes you feel like you have more daytime hours; not to mention, plenty of things you can still do ‘till the sun goes down at about 7-8pm. And since you have so much “solar-powered” energy, you seem to be active and glowing throughout the day. Speaking of glowing, there’s a new makeup trend that is strutting its way to the limelight. This new trend gives your bronzer and contour kit their much-needed downtime, because it gives way to a dewy and glowy skin. Step aside contour, and give me some STROBE! Strobing, as makeup experts call it, is the latest makeup trend we’ve seen on runway models, vloggers and well, everyone. And just like I mentioned earlier, it practically skips the chiseled features of a full contour in favor of dewy skin that glimmers in all the right places. To make a much clear contrast, let’s talk about contouring and how it’s different to strobing. Contour was popularized by Kim Kardashian and it’s one of the best beauty tricks that was introduced to us. Blending your makeup to achieve those killer cheekbones, “painted” nose job, and a thinner face gives you unbelievable results. But as the summer heat rises, the feel of foundations and powder (or cream) layered on your face becomes too heavy for a typical summer day. Enter: strobing – in all its glorious highlights. As opposed to contouring, strobing does the complete opposite of using a thick blend of darker and lighter shades to chisel your facial features such as the cheeks, nose and chin. The only product you’ll need for strobing is an illuminating highlighter—and lots of it. Forget the chiseled...... Read more on Full Issue!

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