Bridge of Life and a Streak of Light (Millennium Bridge London)

Sunday April 1, 2018

I have been staying in London for a while, but I have not heard about London Millennium Bridge until my friend from Canada visited and this was the only landmark in London she would have liked to see. She had seen the rest of the tourist destinations around London. I am glad we found it and I was able to see it for myself. I like bridges so much. When I was young I was fascinated about how bridges are designed and constructed. Bridges brought me back the memories when I was still a little girl going to the place of my grandparents. The bus we rode was passing through the shallow rivers without a bridge, travelling through crystal clear water and rocks. While living with them, I spent the day collecting flowers and leaves that served as my toys to engage my time since “lolo” and “lola” were each busy doing their own thing. I used to sit on a tiny wooden footbridge in front of their property while watching the clear water of that small brook where some fish swam. The cool breeze and the sparkle of the sun bouncing through the water was mesmerizing. That’s what makes London Millennium Bridge an exciting experience for me. The Thames River is not as clear as the rivers in my recollection, the surroundings not as quiet but I am in London not in Gabaldon. Maybe you are not interested in bridges like I am, but after reading this you would likely want to visit it too. Artistic and Brilliant Structure London Millennium Bridge is the first pedestrian-only crossing built over the Thames in Central London in more than 100 years since Tower Bridge (commonly mistaken by many visitors as the London Bridge). They started building...... Read more on Full Issue!

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