Sunday December 1, 2019

photos by Dodi Markus and Diana Bilec   I just fell in love with this brand after having modelled one of her couture creations in London. It was sublimely tailored delivering a perfect fit. It was the standout outfit of the entire fashion show and created a real buzz the whole evening. Out of all the outfits available, I decided to wear it throughout the event as it was so comfortable to wear, receiving plenty of compliments. It truly showcased her talent as a designer of note. Atelier Diana Miculit is the brand name whilst Belzeboutik is the Promotional Project between the partners behind the brand, Diana Miculit and her long-time friend Liliana who has an MBA in International Business. Diana is the Creative Director whilst Liliana acts as the brand ambassador and in charge of business development. With this professional support behind her, Diana has been able to focus all her energy on her creativity as a designer. Diana Miculit has a Master’s Degree in Fashion & Design and completed Master Classes with the renowned designer Elie Saab. With her innate artistic talent, it has enabled her to master all aspects of the craft including drawing, painting, handmade 3D effects, leather appliqué, painting and embroidery on delicate fabrics and much more. She has incorporated all these techniques in her stunning creations to create unique feminine outfits fit for a queen. Her artistry is evident in her designs with visually stunning details and intricate embroidery. Her focus on creating visually stunning outfits using only natural fabrics like silk, cashmere, leather and wool of the finest quality has propelled her to the upper echelons within the world of fashion. With a showroom in Paris and holding many exciting events in London, Moscow, New York and other...... Read more on Full Issue!

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