Tuesday December 1, 2020

By: Mayenne Carmona WALK MY WAY   In 2010, Kaye Tinga’s husband Fred Tinga was on his last stretch as Mayor of Taguig City. I was introduced to the couple in one of Manila’s many social events. During one of my many encounters with Kaye, I mentioned that I have been deliberating on doing some charity work for the poor people of Metro Manila and that I could start in the poor areas of Taguig City. BGC is the affluent part of Taguig City but somewhere beyond BGC are the slums or squatter area where the poorest of the poor reside. I had that gnawing desire of doing something meaningful that could impact the poor people of our country. The poverty in many areas around MM could stab even the most jaded heart. Here you see malnourished children running around with no clothes nor footwear but still with big smiles on their faces. Seeing malnourished children selling sampaguitas and peanuts along EDSA made me think of a feeding program. I mentioned my project to 5 of my close friends and they enthusiastically volunteered to join the program. Kaye Tinga was very receptive of my idea of a feeding program. She told me she could definitely facilitate it for me as Taguig has many poor areas. She assigned to us a girl on Friday, Michelle de Leon, who organized our feeding sites. We donated our own funds to buy food for 100-400 children, ages 3-13. I would tell Michelle de Leon the number of children our budget could feed that week. The Barangay officials of those poor areas would welcome us with open arms. I called us the Angels to Street Kids. We did this every Saturday lunch time. Through the years, our group of 6...... Read more on Full Issue!

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