Monday January 1, 2018

Here is a whale of a tale I shall relate. It somehow began when I first spotted the humpback whales frolicking in the waters of my beloved island. Maui is the playground for these gentle giants of the sea, among other cetaceans which inhabit our nature infused environs. They come from late December and slowly depart by May, like visiting guests who never overstay their welcome. Thus, no matter how many whale watch tours and sunset dinner cruises one enjoys, it becomes an addiction of sorts to get on board Pacific Whale Foundation’s boats with their effervescent, knowledgeable crew who never cease to offer the ultimate in these sea bound experiences. Of course, they deliver substance to serve but the stars of the show are the denizens of the deep, seemingly as comfortable in the shallower depths as they are in their treacherous seasonal migrations in the deep. Picture this... They breach, double breach, tail slap and do all sorts of amazing “tricks” without human prodding one may see in man made sea life shows. While newborns and mothers are bonding, some adult males attempt their ‘shenanigans’ but there are other gentle males who protect against their disturbances to keep mothers and babies safe. The shows are invariably distinct, no scripts, just pure ecstasy in their flow. The whale songs are spellbinding, a language so instinctive and elemental, we may never comprehend. Folks who visit from around the planet are in magical awe. The Dolphins, not to be outdone, are also performing their antics a la ‘Flipper’, that classic TV character. Last but not the least are gentle, harmless False Killer Whales, their name is self explanatory. I now digress to invite you this Valentine to send and spread your love by Adopting your own Marine...... Read more on Full Issue!

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