A Tribute to Joy

Monday May 1, 2017

In a system, especially disadvantageous towards working mothers, many pregnant women are faced with social pressure to give up their passion and focus on being a mother. Joy Alegre didn’t surrender to the norms, but rather took the pressure as a challenge. She became a mother and later a grandmother, while being a successful businesswoman and an active community leader with her church volunteers. Raising a child is tough. It is even tougher when you have four children. Joy Alegre did it while continuing her career, all by herself. As a single, working mother, Joy had to work even harder than anyone else. She did it, and made sure her children didn’t grow up lacking anything. Joy knows how to balance her life and be a better person and attend to all the needs and attention of Sheryl, Fritzie, Bong and Denise. Added to her joy are her grandchildren Patricia Reign, Joshua, Julianne, and Micah Joy who she loves to be with. This apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree, as Joy credits her parents and their affection and lessons for who she is. She learned the key of life from her parentsbalance. Joy was able to balance in between job, family, and improving the community. Even till this day, she thanks her parents for their influence. As the Chief Executive Officer of AAA Enterprises, Inc., Joy provides medical supplies and linens to health institutions. She continues to be an amazing businesswoman, an amazing community leader, and most importantly, an amazing mother. Photos by Stills & Motion Photography...... Read more on Full Issue!

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