A Father’s Love (Rev. R. D. Quema)

Friday June 1, 2018

Recently, my father and I went through a different season in our relationship. He prepared my now husband and I for marriage. It was a very sweet and unique season in our life.

One I will always remember and cherish. My dad has always talked to me about not only the type of man I should look for, but the kind of woman I need to be for the man God was preparing for me. My father has always been someone I could go to and talk freely to. His God given wisdom is so integral to who he is. He really portrays to me how our Godly father loves us. By giving us the wisdom we need to grow and obey, the space we need to figure things out for ourselves, the discipline needed when we need correcting and the love and strength that give you a feeling of security that only a father can provide. It isn’t the easiest job in the world and father’s don’t get as much credit as mothers do for raising their children. So, I want to thank you daddy for all you have done to make me the godly woman I am today. Thank you for teaching me how to love God, how much character and moral values mean, for teaching me how to discern God’s voice, and how to love everyone because you always told me growing up “different isn’t bad, it’s just different.” You always told me to look at people’s hearts and not the color of their skin or ethnicity because God loves us all no matter any of those things or where we are in life. God always meets you where you are. It’s your legacy to me and to the generations after me. I love you dad.

Can I get a witness?

On Sunday, April 29, 2018 I was blessed to marry my best friend. Ryan and I had a very whirlwind romance, but it was truly a blessing from God. We met online on Match.com. Ryan was gifted a subscription by his brother-in-law for Christmas and mine was an impulse buy after seeing a big discount. We started chatting and getting to know each other. After talking for about a week, he asked me out on a date. We had our first date on March 3, 2017 and I guess you can say the rest was history. I knew he was the one God had intended for me on that first date. The feeling was mutual because he bought my engagement ring two months into dating and proposed after four months of dating! It was a very special proposal! He used his birthday party as a way to bring all our family together and used his niece to propose to me. Which was perfect because he knows I love kids and I wouldn’t want this special moment without my family there. It turned into our engagement party afterwards. Both of our families got to meet each other. It was truly a special time for us.

Next, was our wedding day! It was such a special day of celebration and meant so much to us. We really wanted that day to reflect who we were as a couple. Our main priority was the ceremony. We really wanted a special ceremony reflecting our faith and placing God before each other.

Another detail that made it really special was having my father, Reverend Rodrigo Quema officiate our wedding. I have always dreamed of my dad having that honor and living that moment was better than anything I dreamed of.

After that we focused on all the details that would make our wedding unique to us. We had a mobile espresso bar called URBN Coffee at our wedding and everyone loved it! We even got to have personalized coffee cups.

Ryan and I both love coffee, so it was a great little detail to have that was “us,” but also a great way to keep our guests energized for a night of dancing!! Ryan and I are also foodies, so we had a lot of food. Our goal was none of our guests would leave hungry and we succeeded! We had bundt cakes, a dessert table, a donut wall, and a Filipino buffet complete with a lechon to accompany the buffet our venue provided.

Our day was really made special by the great group of vendors we hired. We were very particular and budget conscious about our vendors.

They really helped make our day a success, put us at ease, and ensured that we would be able to enjoy our day. They were knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. Our wedding day went by so fast! Faster than we expected, so it was comforting to know our video and photographs were in good hands and that we had something to look back on. Another important part of our wedding was the help of our family and our NewHopeNaz church family. They really helped us make our wedding day happen. Without their prayers and support in setting up for our wedding we wouldn’t have been able to pull it all off. So, we would like to take a moment to thank them for all they have done for us as a couple since day one. —Hannah Quema Ong


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