A Castle Built on A Rock – St. Michael’s Mount

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Enjoy the most of summer in England. Let’s go farther than London and one destination you will truly enjoy is Cornwall. There are a lot of exciting places to visit in Cornwall that we might give space to write about in the future like Lands’ End, 200-foot-high granite cliffs that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean that you can gaze across to the Longships, Lighthouse, the Isles of Scilly and beyond that, North America; Eden Project the world’s largest indoor rainforest a forerunner in architecture; and Fistral Beach, the surfing capital of United Kingdom. Let us consider St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion Cornwall for now. Come join me in exploring the marvelous, legendary and castle of antiquity, more than a thousand years old. Back when I was in the Philippines movies having a castle, palace, prince and princess enthralled me. Imagine the excitement of seeing one with my own almond shaped eyes. My heart is leaping out of my chest that only I can feel. First, what is the difference between a castle and a palace? A castle is a structure built for safety and protection. It is fortified against attacks with thick walls, battlements and towers. Palaces on the other hand are the official residences of a sovereign, royalty, archbishop, bishop, or presidents built for luxury, comfort, prestige and security. St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion is a castle. A castle built on a rock. The mount is made of the uppermost part of a granite- the strongest, most durable and hardest natural stone. At low tide, from afar the castle looked like it is on top of a steep mountain rock. As we walked on the causeway, we found that it is surrounded with sea weeds and rocks. We spotted some oysters. After enjoying...... Read more on Full Issue!

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