Luis “chavit” Singson The “northern Renaissance”

Sunday December 1, 2019

By: Edith Y. Pendleton

Indefatigable is one word to describe the gentleman from the North. I was privileged to have personally spoken to him over the phone. It seems like only yesterday when Manila Up! International Magazine (MUIM) featured Chavit (as he is more popularly known) on the cover. But time does fly and there is no stopping him from pursuing more lofty projects. Formerly the Governor of Ilocos Sur. he gained phenomenal grounds to help improve the plight of his constituents while lending his gift as a visionary towards making the province a destination which needed a boost to lure visitors and, in the process, increase revenues derived from tourism. It was with new, bolder opportunities to improve the local economy that he introduced as he sought to deliver on his promises before being voted in as Governor.

Fast forward to the present. He did not step out of office, he merely stepped aside to make his new role as the Mayor of Narvacan. The place is now becoming an incubator for the utilization of ideas that are relevant and useful for the benefit of the populace. His pet project is to provide free Wi-Fi to the locals who can now expand their horizons beyond the small town. He envisions “Gracia Telecom” company as a conduit and a platform for further expansion into the world now overtaken by telecommunications.

He has a formula for progressive and sustainable development and Narvacan is ripe and ready for the Mayor’s modernization plans. Ongoing are seeds of concepts being applied in various programs for alternative power supplies using solar, hydro, and wind to compete with other countries whose companies are just waiting in the wings to assume the role of providers for such options. Keeping it local, Chavit has introduced “Rebar”, technology to change the steel to (which is a carcinogen) into fiberglass, a first in Narvacan. Is it going to be another Vigan (also in Ilocos Sur) which has gained the status as a UNESCO Heritage site? All these cannot be achieved single handedly, despite being a leader of note. Folks in Narvacan need to step up and cooperate with his efforts. For instance, he has a Master plan to relocate the town’s market along the highway where more customer traffic can provide increased income for the vendors. There too is the matter of Republic Act 7171 (on Excise taxes) which he wants to revert back to 2016.

And then there are infrastructures that need attention. When he ran for Mayor, he noticed that there were no new markets and the Municipal buildings were long overdue for improvement. If he was to openly engage with and serve the people who put him in office, he is willing to cross Party lines to make these all a reality.

Another legacy which he hopes to leave behind is to put up the tallest image of Jesus Christ in Vigan. It may begin construction next year and eventually make it another draw for tourism.

His mission in 3 years is to make it all happen. To be transparent plus to be even more accountable to his people. Investing in Energy Valley, a model for the introduction and application of many forms of energy that will make Narvacan gear itself up to compete with other countries like Korea in the field of energy and research.

With all his success in life, his renewed interest in making life for others more rewarding comes with its attendant challenges and obstacles. However, knowing Chavit and his zest for life, the foreseeable future is just one achievement after another. Nothing can stop the man and Narvacan is blessed to have someone as determined to make it a better little big town!


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