Life Unscripted By Melody Garcia

Melody Garcia

Melody Garcia is a current columnist for Manila Up magazine, her articles have one area of focus…to inspire others in their life journeys. Her write-ups have garnered one of the most favorable all time reads as each story shared are based on factual truths and as many have experienced, have touch the readers heart.

She has interviewed Fil-Am celebrities, Humanitarians, Powerful Single Mothers and also wrote most recently about how her own City of Orlando, rose from the ashes of the aftermath of a horrific terrorist act. Simply put, Melody’s mindset and heart is tied to listening and sharing how many others have overcome adversities, broken through self-limiting beliefs, and re-aligned and discovered their lives purpose in thinking much bigger than themselves and detaching from “status quo” all in the service of others.

This Socially Responsible Entrepreneur is also known as the modern day Renaissance woman. Aside from working as a full-time Frontline Sales Manager for a fortune 500 corporation and a writer, she is also a speaker, life coach, connector and a philanthropist. Her love for children’s causes could not be more encapsulated by her most recent undertaking, forming and leading Orlando’s First UNICEF Congressional Action Team with focus on supporting children’s advocacy on a local, national and global scale. Melody also balances the high demands of life as a single mother and a student at Rollins College. In addition, she is launching her own meet-up group called “Breakdown 2 to Breakthrough” in support of single-mothers with a focused forum on development, growth and empowerment. Melody’s experience in media is not limited to writing, as this woman has also done work as a television host for several Fil-Am events, emcee and event coordinator. Melody also is on the board of one of Orlando’s most successful networking groups and is on the event panel for Women on the Move Orlando.

Where one may typically run out of breath at the sheer volume of engagements she is involved with, Melody’s passion to make a difference and help as much as she can, fuels her to be able to handle all that is on her plate and more. Surrounding herself with positive influencers, mentors, self-development and quality friends have been instrumental in her on going journey. This energetic individual beams from within a resilience, strong, and positive demeanor. But far from being perfect as she would call it, her strength comes from her own battle scars of overcoming different life adversities, her relationship with God and authentically connects with those who recognizes that success without fulfillment is failure and recognizes change-makers and servant-leaders who speaks the language living a life of purpose. Evolvement and involvement are action words that are well sewn in Melody’s life vocabulary.

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