What Will It Be Like If It’s My Last Six Months

Sunday April 1, 2018

(A List That Changed My Life)

“Live as if it’s your last 6 months..” I heard this from an old strange man. After that, it changed everything..

Actually, this one is not really a new advice, we would often hear that on movies, on other people.. But sometimes, God spoke to us in a very distinctive, unusual way. Our part would be to learn how to discern it. If it stems from the inside, if it’s a command you feel like following, if you think about it all the time, if it compels you to do something. Certainly, it’s God.

That’s what happened to me that morning. It might be God’s way of telling me to take a pause, stop planning and start living life in the now. Obviously, I can tell that I tend to plan out a lot. And this message is truly been like an echo that keeps on coming back on my mind over and over, it’s speaking on the very inside of me.

So I started to think about planning out my 6 months, or should I say think on how I should really live if it’s my last 6 months.

Should I watch tragic movies having the same plot to get inspiration? They made their bucket list, do their last will and testament, spend all their money, the list goes on.

But on that moment, God told me,

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. – Matthew 6:31-34

Then I started to dig in on all the aspects of my life. How will I live my life if it’s my last six months, I should do some changes.

1Physical – What does it feels like to be healthy and take care of my body? How nice it would be if I would follow the 80/20 rule on food?

2 Mental – I would read that book, at a place where there is a nice scenery, where I will feel one with nature. I would enjoy my surroundings even more, clearing my head and contemplate on all the wonderful things God created. I would try to balance worldly to earthly information coming in and out of my head. I would learn from my craft but I would definitely learn more from people as well.

3Social – I would start to enjoy each meal and use it as a way to be social and interact with my parents. Instead of taking photos and posting it on social media, I would choose to rather talk, interact and connect even more. I will choose to forgive people and myself, appreciate the existence of those people around me, love them and make them feel special hoping that on some way, I can leave a good memory with them.

4Spiritual – I would help my church, repent and connect with my Christian friends who from the very start always lift me up and bring me closer to Him. If I only have 6 months.. I will just start to..

5Take action. I realized that one doesn’t need money to do that bucket list, one doesn’t need to do crazy stuff to say that they have lived their life. But instead, one must just learn how to turn their eyes on what really matters.

After I contemplated, I then realized the logic of it all..

There’s nothing certain here. We must live in the now. But I’m not saying it’s not good to plan long term. What I learned is, although we do plan, we must exert more effort on what is now, that we must be very well in doing in all aspects of life. To grow mentally and spiritually, to make a difference on the people around us and we are not waiting for anything to start doing that.

That’s when I realized that it’s not important to hoard and to worry. It’s good to plan but it’s more important to live in the moment.

Why 6 months? It’s not too long to be complacent but not too short not to worry that we are almost out of time.

From now on, I will commit myself to wire my thinking on this ‘last 6 months period’, I will made a contract for myself and renew every 6 months. So far it’s working. I’ve never imagined I would talk to that old friend until I realize that my time has a limit, I have never pushed myself to visit my grandma where I always find an excuse not to, I would never dare to talk to people whom I can’t imagine I would be brave enough to talk to, I would never suppress myself from logging off on that social media and tell myself that there’s more to life than all that we can see on the screen. … Would you do yourself a favor and do this too?

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