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Thursday June 1, 2017

A conversation with John A. Mirisch, Former Mayor of Beverly Hills In the age where people’s political involvement has become more widespread than ever due to the internet, being a high-profile civil servant like running a city requires a certain level of guts and confidence. That is clearly the case of John Mirisch, who not only ran any city, but the most glamorous city in whole America- Beverly Hills. “It definitely isn’t an easy task,” said Mirisch. “We have a city with not only 35,000 residents who live here permanently, but during the day we have a couple of thousands of visitors. We have a full service city that we run.” To be a councilman of Beverly Hills, one must be elected. Mirisch first ran for the office eight years ago for the first time. “There were eleven people running for three open seats. And the way it works is that there are no run-offs, and the top three voted get in.” Mirisch also told us that he came in third on the list. His rough start, however, seemed to be a nice setup for his smoother career. He was reelected four years ago, and again for the second time last month. Now, he’s serving his third term as a Beverly Hills councilman. “When you walk around the city, it has the feeling of a small town, but it combines cosmopolitanism and glamor of a big city. A lot of qualities make it special,” said the former mayor. Mirisch was born and raised in Beverly Hills, and he clearly had a strong sense of affection towards his hometown. “That is the main reason why I ran in the first place. Beverly Hills is a very special and unique place, and I think we need to...... Read more on Full Issue!

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