Wednesday December 1, 2021

by BECKY GARCIA IN OTHER WORLDS It all started with a dream; a dream of glamour, lights, catwalks, couture, and fashion . The man behind all of those dreams has a passion for fashion, hard work, belief, love for the craft, kindness, and sheer talent. These all paid off and materialized his vision. The pandemic was the biggest challenge he had to overcome, as this year’s Timeless Alta Moda show was unlike any other event he had ever organized. Combining a virtual presentation and a face-to-face event was a very tedious job. It was a night to remember indeed, so much so that even the staff of the Okada Hotel congratulated the creator of this event for creating the grandest event for this year. The venue prepared a very long trail of red carpet for the guests to walk through; from the registration area to the grand ballroom. Hard copies of the invitations were distributed at the event itself. Drinks filled to the brim were served around the cocktail areas, where guests chitchatted with fellow attendees. It’s as if everyone missed each other after being in lockdown for an extended period of time. Thankfully everyone practiced social distancing with masks on, and utilized fist bumps to replace handshakes and beso beso gestures. Paparazzi from different media outlets were all there to cover the event; with camera clicks and lights flashing in guests’ faces. Photo shoots with professional lenses and smart phones set the scene that night. I would venture to say that every woman’s dream is to wear a white long gown, with long flowing tulle cascading down her back. That vision is what inspired the fashion designer to showcase his bridal collections, BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE ALTA MODA. That was this year’s theme for his fourth anniversary,...... Read more on Full Issue!

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