The PEAK, Grand Opening

Friday March 1, 2019

Party People By Agile Bastille-Zamora


Grand opening at the top floor of Grand Hyatt, BGC Fort, PEAK is the newest and hottest club and restaurant in town. A bi-level entertainment center that sits on the highest (60th) floor, it overlooks a stunning 360-degree view from Philippine’s tallest hotel.

A beautiful blending of a bar, grill, and restaurant sitting on top of the highest structure in the City, it is an exclusive party, multi-level destination. An experience reserved exclusively for connoisseurs of the extraordinary. It was a great night overflowing with only the best, with unlimited cocktails, food, wines and champagnes served all night. We loved the foreign band whose sexy dancers danced on the ledge! Truly a great party!

Congratulations to Grand Hyatt and thanks for hosting us. Thanks also to Johnny Litton! Bravo!

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