The Mansion is launched

Sunday October 1, 2017

The newest stomping ground in Metro-Iloilo for events, parties and hospitality is The Mansion. Recently acquired by Brightside Properties and Resorts, Inc. (BPRI), the heritage hotel was formerly known as Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center. The rebranding was launched with a cocktail and dinner party and with Iloilo’s A-Listers in full attendance. The new owners, led by the BPRI President NENA SY-LIM and The Mansion’s top honcho NOEL SINCLAIRE SY, came en force to welcome the guests and to lead the celebrations. The Mansion is called as such because it wants to encapsulate the rich heritage, culture and history of Iloilo City as exemplified by the stately homes of the landed Southern gentry. It also fuses the colorful Spanish, Chinese and Filipino influences with International in its decor, cuisine and service. The colors of the logo – purple and gold – speak of royalty. Rightfully so, The Mansion will offer royal service with Ilonggo touch. The menu prepared by Chef CHYRCH MENDOZA and his team drew oohs and aahs from the guests. It included Bread, Soup, Salad and Maki, Main Dishes, Carvings, Desserts and Beveragic Delights! PR man NONOI YBIERNAS and marketing maven JONG COMBONG-PIJUAN joined forces to make the event the talk of the town for weeks. Tall, dark and handsome lawyer SEDFREY CABALUNA hosted the action-packed, fast-paced program that included AVPs on The Mansion and Iloilo City, cultural dances from Sidlangan Dance Troupe, musical presentations by JBLFMU Choir, a mini-fashion show of the personnel’s uniforms by Cosmo-Manille based Ilonggo fashion designer HILQUE BABAN DAIRO, and the unveiling of The Mansion logo. According to Sales and Marketing main man PATRICK LIM, renovation, repairs, restoration and refurbishing of The Mansion are on-going and will see fruition in two to three years. Certainly, it is...... Read more on Full Issue!

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