Surprise for Camille!

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Camille Agbayani is a stand out in an outstanding way. Most everyone we know who have had the privilege of meeting, much more knowing her, can attest to the epitome of a respectable woman ~ she exudes beauty from within and a flawless exterior which would be the envy of many less endowed. Whenever we reach a milestone birthday, it is only expected that a celebration is set in place. Camille had plans for a big one to invite her family and friends. But alas! it was not to be so... the big C reared its ugly head and that ended what would have been a pivotal event to mark her 50th year on earth. Everything was put on hold as if holding ones breath and unable to exhale, until she opted for the less invasive chemotherapy over more radical surgery. When life throws a curve, Camille is there to catch it gracefully, even if it comes from left field. All this was not without her family and friends support beyond doubt. However, it was not enough for Dr. John Pinches to merely accept the cancelled celebration as a consequence of this unexpected twist of events. Dr. Pinches came up with an alternative option. He put together a surprise get together for Camille, he was not about to let this year go by in a whimper. So, he immediately goes about getting it organized, attending to details which she would have otherwise meticulously handled herself, to include her nearest and dearest in making it happen. And then it happened, Camille walks into a roomful of her beloved circle, astounded and overwhelmed, she was in tears, as was most everybody else in the room. Tears of blissful joy flowed incessantly. Family came in from Hawaii, her...... Read more on Full Issue!

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