Wednesday May 1, 2019

In Other Worlds By: Becky Garcia Lovely and BUBBLY Lady Agile Zamora was on top of the world when she celebrated her birthday at the Whisky Room of the Peak of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Agile invited only a select group of friends close to her and husband Lights King, Wopsy Zamora due to a limited space. An array of cocktail bites and of course overflowing bubbly and wines and spirits were enjoyed by her guests led by Secretary Sal Panelo, Panama Ambassador Rolando Guevara, Gorgeous consuls Helen Ong and Fortune Ledesma, Annabelle Rama, Ito Curata and Bob Miller, Noel and Eileen Gonzales, her bestfriend Connie Haw, and a few others from her best dressed group. Being the party queen herself she missed the dancing this year... it was a standing room only affair. Celebrating in the year of the pig, Agile gave away stuffed piggy toys. As in all of her parties, photo taking was the order of the day. She made sure all her guests were photographed with their stuffed toys for posterity. Wearing a Randy Ortiz outfit color of the year, she hopped from one corner of the room to the other making sure the guests had enough to eat and drink. Top honcho of the Grand Hyatt, Hans Hauri was very much around also to make sure everything was in order. To Agile, may you continue to enjoy life to the fullest with your family and friends. Happy birthday and more to come!!!!        ...... Read more on Full Issue!

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