Wednesday January 1, 2020

By Jhoanna B. de Guzman

She looks like a precious stone, but her worth exceeds far more than that of rubies. Similarly, she too glows brightly beneath the sun.

But this woman…she is distant. Her heart, once beating warmly, is as cold as snow. She builds walls – walls that are too high, and I cannot even fathom climbing or destroying them.

How can I reach her? Why does this daunting task of loving her seem all too simple and yet too difficult at the same time?

1. She has faced battles. She has experienced war. She carried baggage for far too long; long before finally learning to let go. She has cried at least a thousand tears. She has survived intense internal damage. She has learned to bear excruciating pain. She has scars. And for so long she did not want or need a man to heal her; instead she gave every single broken piece of her heart to God. PROVERBS 31 by Jhoanna B. de Guzman

2. She has learned how to take her time. Time she loved so much that she was complacent spending it by herself and for herself. She had almost forgotten how it feels to share time with someone who is a stranger to her soul. She only chooses weighty conversations. She only wants time to be spent on creating and not consuming. She is indeed in love with her time and therefore, she hates wasting it.

3. She is looking for someone who has a genuine heart. She prays for someone who is pure of heart. Someone who does not just worship at the church on Sundays – but someone who has helped an old man cross the street. Someone who does not just simply open their bible – but someone who is patient enough not to burst out in anger during long grocery lines. A man who does not just care about how thick his wallet is – but how big his heart is as well. A man who has truly and genuinely accepted Jesus as His personal Lord and saviour.

4. She is mature enough to choose a man who knows how to make a living. She does not settle just because she is tired. A woman like her does not compromise. She dates to marry; she always looks forward, above and beyond to see is her future is with you. She is thinking about this already. Is this man a good provider?

5. She is whole. She feels complete without anyone reassuring her that she is. People, especially men, see her independence as a threat. But actually it is a gift. One must first be whole before they pursue a romantic relationship with another.

6. She has met desperate guys and by all means, she will run. This woman is secure in her worth and knows her value. She dislikes an insecure petrified man.

7. She wants to meet a man that is focused. She is pleased to see that you are growing. That you value your personal relationship with the Lord. That you are not just some Christian guy, but a Godly man. There is a big difference.

8. She is praying for a man whose eyes are fixed on Jesus. Her walls are high, and so are her hopes for meeting a man who also puts God first. A man who lives out of the love of Jesus daily. A man who is after God’s own heart.

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