Sunday April 1, 2018

Republic of the Philippines Scholarship Pageant successfully launched its second season last January 31st, staged at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Ballroom. Miss Cindy Dumol from Roxas City was proclaimed Miss RP whereas Miss Excelsa de Jesus of New York was crowned as Miss RP International. This year was the first time ever that Mr. RP was launched as the organizers also believe in providing the same opportunities to its male delegates, with Mr. Dennis Frias Malones of Bulacan besting other sixteen delegates across the country. Both winners focus on advocating a more equitable education for the economically disadvantaged. Mr. Malones was given a cerebral wreath designed by Arnel Papa, to complement the Miss RP crown. A vesture was made by Ulysses King from naturally woven materials with hand painted local inscriptions in baybayin, “Pilipinas Kong Mahal”. In addition to scholarship opportunities and travel, winners were given custom commissioned fine jewelry designed by Bernadette Villacorta of Hiyas Jewelry. 2018 Winners Cindy Dumol and Dennis Malones Minor awards included: People’s Choice Awards went to Christian Suntay and Excelsa de Jesus; Best in Ternowas designed by Roland Lirio as modelled by April Liban(Isabela) whereas the Best in Barong Tagalog was designed by Ulysses King and worn by Jerome Vasquez (Batangas City); Most Photogenic: Jedryk Costes (Taguig) and Ma. Beatrix Panganiban (Quezon); Best in Talent: Excelsa de Jesus and Mr. Willeman III; Friendship Award: John Carlo Morales and Marinel Angeline Dizon; Hotel 101 advocates: Will Quinto and Thamara Alexandria Pacursa; and Verde Salon advocates John Carlo Morales and Beatrix Panganiban. The pageant continued its tradition of showcasing the best in Vinta inspired evening wear instead of the national costumes as with other pageants. Manny Halasan won the Best in Vinta as worn by Ma. Beatrix Panganiban whereas the male...... Read more on Full Issue!

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