Saturday December 1, 2018

RC Caylan’s “Hues Of Love” Spring Summer 2019 Collection was inspired by the story of “Love”. He translates the love story that presents an angle to express that not every story comes with only happy moments. Each mood in his collection presents the emotions of a woman who felt betrayed and cheated, and yet, falls in and out of love. RC’ put emphasis on the storytelling in his SS2019 collection. The moral of the story being that no matter how we stumble and fall we can still stand back up, empowered. Hopelessly romantic and keep the positive outlook on life as a perspective. Each piece from his collection showcased that provocative look, sensual yet it exudes class and sophistication in impeccable execution. RC’s show closes up with his exemplary finale. The masterpiece was a Blue Embroidered Floral Sequined Ball Gown accentuated by an exaggerated ruffled blue veil with crown worn by Miss Universe Canada and Miss World Canada Riza Santos. His Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 Presentation definitely leaves a mark with the audience, it is for them to look forward every season to watch out for the next big story as translated into superlative fashion by RC, the creator and storyteller for all seasons! n...... Read more on Full Issue!

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