Mister and Miss Body Beautiful 2017, The final night

Friday September 1, 2017

Beauty pageants have traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, and some evolved to also incorporate personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as among the criteria.

Starvision UK, in collaboration with One Philippines UK, has launched its 3rd event; the “Mister and Miss Body Beautiful 2017. It is a pageant that does not only focus on beauty but also promotes good health. This was conceptualized to inspire people to live a healthy life, get fit and to maintain a beautiful body In addition to these, it is a ‘pageant with a heart’ and for a good cause. The less fortunate orphans of the Christian Praise Children’s Love will benefit from the funds raised during the final night of Mister and Miss Body Beautiful which was held last July 22, 2017 at Baden Powell Queens Gate in South Kensington.

The pageant was seven months in the making. There were challenges along the way especially when it came to scouting for candidates. It was decided that this pageant would be open to all nationalities to compete, and to also promote Philippine customs, to show that we, Filipinos, can lead this kind of pageant, while promoting health and fitness as well.

As the main organizer and coordinator, who conceptualized the idea of incorporating health and fitness into this pageant, I have started getting fit and living healthy. About five months ago the changes resulted in weight loss. I have chosen to eat healthy foods and do my work outs. I had to be the role model and for the rest of the group to follow. It is overwhelming to know that the candidates and the production staff vowed to continue their journey of living healthy lifestyles, be inspirations to others and advocates for the objectives of Mister and Miss Body Beautiful.

June 22, 2017, after months of planning and preparations, Filipinos and non-Filipinos gathered for the final night of Mister and Miss Body Beautiful. People witnessed how some of the candidates really transformed into having beautiful bodies. The candidates were supported by their families, friends and followers as they showcased themselves in different categories including: Fantasy, Casual, Swimwear and Long Gown/ Formal Wear. Some of the candidates demonstrated their talents during a separate night event which was held at Bar FM in Shepherds Bush last June 25th. Lastly, their intelligence and wit were tested through the Question and Answer Portions.

The results of the Final Night are as follows:

Special Awards:
Mister and Miss Goodwill:
Kris Favor and Florie May Rapirap
Best in Talent: Florie May Rapirap
Mister and Miss Online Sensation: Kris Favor and Diane Fronda
Mister and Miss Face of the Year: Aaron Blackburn and Diane Fronda
Mister and Miss Bodygenice: Jules Chan and Maya Abdou
Mister and Miss Congeniality : Aaron Blackburn and Sharimaelyn Sadca
Major Awards:
Best in Casual Wear: Jules Chan and Janice Suarez
Best in Fantasy Wear: Jules Chan and Diane Fronda
Best in Swimwear: Jules Chan and Diane Fronda
Best in Formal Wear/Long Gown: Jules Chan and Diane Fronda
Second Runner Ups: Giuliano Mateas and Maya Abdou
First Runner Ups: Matt Adcock and Shaianne
Mister and Miss Body Beautiful: Jules Chan and Diane Fronda

The winner of Mister Body Beautiful 2017, Jules Chan, is automatically going to be the representative of UK to Myanmar in December for the Mister Tourism World.

It was a great night and thank you to everyone who attended the final night. Thank you to the production staff who helped; Chit Sarmiento, Rodel Saycon, Helen Ellan, Manel Sinfield, Dyna Abella, Mhay Ferrer, Mindy Tizon, Josie Casupang, Harin Perera, Glenda Marie, Adelaide Cana, Julie Cana ( also assisted me with my outfits that night, my fashion stylist), Rey Abesamis (One Philippines), the photographers, Dave Moscrop, Leo Jimenez, Nani Hernandez, Videographer Jacob Gaza, Regin Raquedan for the posters and videos, the stage and creative director and choreographer, Randy Silverio and to the lovely hosts, Angelica Cortez and Sidney Shepherd. Special thanks to the night’s adjuncticators, Rachelle Gaza and Alexa Taag, to all the high calibre and respectable board of judges, Bernie Dontogan, Elvjis Plugis, Rebeca Riofrio, Rose Eclarinal, Ali Hajj, John Isabel, Okkar Min Maung, Imo Malik and Gerry Panga. Not to forget, this pageant will not be possible without the following sponsors and gift/voucher donors: John Isabel, Edna Santos of Sampaguita Tours, Julius Billones of Filipino Youth Foundation, Monira Guiamalo, Janette Panaligan of Vista Land, Geophel Samonte of Smartheart Professional, Century Property, Jo Taag, DDS-UK, Terry Beauty Salon (also for my hair and make up), Boomers Travel Philippines, AA World Travellers Travels and Tours, Munting Kusina, Nilo’s, Coco’s Lounge for all the trophies, Ogie and Bessie Villedo, Mindy Tizon of Nuskin, Chit Sarmiento, Julie Cana of True Care Massage,Wynchu Travel and Padala, Leo Sunpungco of Genistar, Edralyn Resort Ilocos Sur, Homestasis London, Chumleigh Hotel London, Kate Davies of Arbonne UK, Manila Supermarket, Edna Lobo of Sunrise Cafe Romford, Jun Bitanga of Juanachat, BE+ for the t-shirts, PEGARRO SWIMWEAR for the candidates’ swimwears, media partners: The Filipino Channel, Filipinas Radyo UK, One Philippines, Manila UP and to all the Filipino Community who were present that night. To all the performers, D’ Intruders, Thea Natividad, Chelsea’s Angels, Adelaide Cana and Mister Tourism World 2016, thank you. No words can express how grateful we are at Starvision and One Philippines for the support you all have given.

Words of praises came from the judges and everyone present during the final night and all are very much appreciated and overwhelming. These were just some messages and comments that I received:

“Well done and congratulations for leading this useful competition for others. You are a living proof that it could be done. Mind over Matter. This can be the next big thing in UK or even in Europe.”- Neil Medina, Filipino Fashion Designer

“Amazing pageant and a great show. The whole pageant was well organised” – Imo Malik, Model/Actor/Singer

“Thank you for the opportunity and I just want to say that from 106 kg, I lost 98 kgs and still keep my size because of this big journey of joining the pageant.” – Kris Favor, Mister Body Beautiful Online Sensation and Goodwill

We, at Starvision and One Philippines hope to be better and bigger for next year’s Mister and Miss Body Beautiful 2018, to be held JULY 21, 2018. To all who are interested to join, start living healthy and hit the gym!


Photos credited to Concept Imagery

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