Tuesday December 1, 2020

By: Mark Anthony King   It is December 2020, and we are weighed down by a global sense of fear. The world is afraid of a potential civil war that might ensue. The world is terrified at what they had learned about certain global powerhouses in both the Hollywood and humanitarian space who’ve been tied to serious crimes against humanity. And then we have the six-letter word which will forever remain a part of our personal stories, in addition to our human history: CORONA. We found ourselves hilariously unprepared and lacking in any sort of deliberate and effective leadership. Humanity as a whole was facing shattered economies, food & water shortages, unemployment, the inability to see our families due to global travel restrictions, foreclosures, massive debt, looting, rioting, civil unrest, and potential death due to the virus. Then come the issues we were forced to contend with individually; the psychological toll that the quarantine took on us and our relationships. Families were literally under attack. Finally, a silver lining was spotted just beyond the horizon, carrying with it hope that things would be better. Slowly, the world gingerly began returning to some semblance of normalcy, even though we are still being urged to wear masks. Small familyrun businesses and local watering holes finally began to open. Government officials declared that beaches and parks were also open to the public. A taste of muchneeded freedom and normalcy, only to be replaced with talks of yet a second global shut down. If ever there was a perfect time to say a prayer, wouldn’t now be it? Let us collectively bow our heads. GOD grant me strength, but please keep me safe from all forms of harm both seen and unseen. Feelings of all that is missing powerfully rise...... Read more on Full Issue!

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