Thursday December 1, 2022

At 13-years-old, Malaya Rogers has modeled for New York Fashion Week, New York Bridal Fashion Week, and soon will be doing a shoot for “America’s Next Top Model” finalist, Victoria Henley. Malaya is a current model for fashion designer Pia Gladys Perey and “Project Runway All Star” designer Johnathan Kayne. Shortly after the former Miss Pre-Teen United States 2021 titleholder passed down her crown, several other prestigious pageants reached out seeing if she would be interested in representing them. The high demand for Malaya likely stems from her degree of grace matching her level of selflessness. She was able help families in need through her involvement with the Children’s Inspirational Charity (@ican_foundations), by volunteering, donating, creating, and handing-out gift bags with Bath & Body Works toiletry items. She has also donated at churches, prison programs, schools, and even made door-to-door deliveries to the needy. Malaya spent months helping find a bone marrow match for baby Ayden, a 5-year-old boy in her community. Even amid California’s blood donor shortage, through her contribution and efforts, one of baby Ayden’s bone marrow matches answered the phone. Malaya has just been crowned Miss Teen Universe Philippines 2023. She will be competing for the Miss Teen Universe 2023 title in July 2023. She’s on a mission to help inspire and better the lives of many in the Philippines. Through hard work and guided by the grace of God, she aspires to honor the Philippines by bringing them the Miss Teen Universe 2023 Crown. Beyond the fashion industry and pageant stage, she will be interning for Santa Clarita Valley’s City Councilmember delegate, Miss Selina Thomas. She hopes that Miss Thomas will win the votes she needed, not only to help the beautiful community of Santa Clarita, but also because Malaya has...... Read more on Full Issue!

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