Jun Jun Ablaza’s Neo-Tribal Collection

Friday September 1, 2017

We knew we were in for a surprise the moment we saw Jun Jun Ablaza at their countryside estate’s grand pavilion during the celebration of his father, consul Louie Ablaza’s eightieth birthday. He was garbed like a mod chieftain in a Steve de Leon psychedelic tribal mask patterned top. He completed the look with his own trinkets and an over-the-top black feather capelet. Knowing Jun Jun and his legendary flair for unique but tasteful entertainment, the celebration will never end without a spectacle prepared by him. True enough, the artistic genius, jewelry and artwear maven treated us all to a fashion show that featured a Neo -Tribal collection. To the beat of the drums, models appeared wearing Jun Jun’s own interpretation of ‘urban street gear meets tribal exoticism’. There were jazzed up denim jackets with patches designed as African tribal masks. The men had acid washed denim tops with frayed edges and layered with other denim pieces in different hues. Female models sashayed flirtatiously in strips of denim that emulated an ethnic grass skirt. Cowrie shell embellishments were sewn to fabrics that accentuated the tribal designs. Finally, these were all glammed up with accessories similar to those used by the Maasai people of East Africa by utilizing thousands of cowrie shells to create interesting ethnic disc-shaped neck pieces and breastplates with feather trimmings. The fashion show concluded with Jun Jun who appeared in sumptuous layers of antique ivory combined with relics of our pre-colonial past over a casual denim ensemble. He once again staged a well applauded show that completed another talked about Ablaza celebration. We definitely had an enjoyable afternoon! It was a marvelous party that had the sensuality of the exotic African safari, glamour of upscale luxury, an electrifying festival vibe, and an...... Read more on Full Issue!

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