Joy Wambangco Rustia

Tuesday May 1, 2018

My mom is definitely one of a kind. She is someone we cherish in the family because she truly cares for each and every one of us. With her constant mentoring I and my sisters can really feel how much she only wants the best for us. Even with her busy schedule, she tries to make time to talk to us about our day. This is something I find so remarkable about her. It’s quite difficult for others to get her attention considering how much she thinks about with work, but with us, she truly devotes her time to help us out. Our mother knows us too well to know when we’re trying to hide our struggles and don’t feel at ease. Some people may not know about it, but another thing I love about my Mom is she is an amazing cook. When we find out that she’s the one cooking, it becomes the only time the whole family gets hyped up to all eat at home. Every time we eat in restaurants though, she can identify the ingredients in each dish so well, and surprisingly, whips it up at home! These are just some of the few things that makes our her so great. I honestly hope that in the future, I am able to possess the same compassion and love she gives to our family. She is truly one of a kind....... Read more on Full Issue!

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