Friday December 1, 2017

JOHN ROBINSON has sold millions of albums in Japan and South East Asia, both as a recording artist and DJ Producer/Remixer. In the Philippines he was the main man at the country’s first super club Rumors. He was also a regular on a number of TV shows and part of the “Pepsi New Generation” roster of artists. Japan followed & John was the driving force behind the legendary Juliana’s Tokyo (Japan equivalent of Studio 54) – the club spawned a multi million selling CD series (produced by John), and a TV show. The proceeds of the CD series allowed the small independent record label Avex Trax to grow into the multi million dollar empire that it is today. Following Juliana’s Tokyo, John worked with Avex to develop a brand new club concept, “Velfarre” was built from the ground up and was another huge success. In the same way that Juliana’s Tokyo introduced Techno, Velfarre brought Trance to the Japanese market and another boom was born. John introduced the ‘After Hours’ concept with “Planet Love”, every weekend, A-List DJ’s such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten would play along side him. Concurrent to that, John was hosting his own dance music show for MTV Japan and producing music for himself including 7 solo albums and Remix work for names Julip Iglesias and Kim Wilde. Today, John tours extensively in the Philippines, the USA & Japan, as the first and foremost Trance Icon of Asia, holding a yearly residence at Ageha Tokyo every October. “What makes John so unique amongst his peers is his longevity. He understands the subtleties in stytle required to connect with a more mature audience and has the experience to know exactly what will work.” “Having experience around the world means...... Read more on Full Issue!

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