Tuesday May 1, 2018

Iknow everybody says this, but I think for me it’s really true – My mom is the best mom there is! She’s really caring and thoughtful. Even now that I’m almost graduating from college, she always thinks about whatever necessities I need at my apartment and she always brings me my favorite snacks (ha-ha). Another thing I’m really thankful for is that my mom prays for me daily – that’s probably the best thing. She doesn’t just extend out this kind of love and care for me – my mom also tries to help others and especially those in need in whatever way she can, and I know she is constantly praying for other people and their needs too. The thing I’m the most thankful for is how relational my mom and how easy she’s made it for me to be close to her and to be able to confide in her. I know whatever I’m going through in life, she’s always willing to listen to me and support me. She’s my best friend; I love you, Mommy!...... Read more on Full Issue!

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