Saturday December 1, 2018

There has been a lot in the news lately about women’s place in society with the “me too” social movement, gender pay discrepancy debate and the proportion of women in executive positions. All evidence tends to show that there has been a lot of discrimination towards women in the workplace. This has been grossly unfair but things are changing for the better, albeit, sometimes a bit too slowly for many. This has culminated in the evolution of “positive discrimination” whereby a certain number of positions are earmarked for women. Now, I am all for gender equality but not just because I am a woman. There is nothing positive about any form of discrimination, and this also applies to the socalled “positive discrimination”. As a woman, I have faced all kinds of discrimination during my professional life as a model and now as a business woman. But what I don’t want then is for people to insinuate that any achievements that I make is because I am a woman and not because of my talent and hard work. I am sure that any other woman would feel aggrieved that people snickered behind her back that she didn’t really deserve her position or job as she only got it because of the “positive discrimination” policy in place. A person should attain to a position based on merit. What is important is for all people to be given equal opportunities to succeed and without fear of sexual or racial harassment. As I now branch out into the world of business as well as developing my career as a journalist, I just hope that people judge me based upon my talent and the value that I can add. Gender, race or creed should have no determinant factor in this...... Read more on Full Issue!

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