Grace Under Fire

Monday February 1, 2021

By MELODY GARCIA LIFE UNSCRIPTED When logic fails to explain the undeniable and seemingly impossible desired outcome, this is what I consider hard evidence of God’s grace and approval; a miracle. But miracles are not without scars coming from the journey of having one’s faith tested, heart-wrenching desperation, a battle of wills, and certainly not for the faint of heart. In my journey, I’ve come to realize that deep adversities are platforms where God shows you who He is, and what He can only do. In the world of “spiritualisms” – or quite often what I call “juju stuff” – where so many throw the term “goddess, guru, self-help” and more, one worn defines it all… Faith, a required discipline that gets tested repeatedly. The heartbreaking problem of today is that it negates the other miracles that occurred in the past. This causes doubt once again to rear its ugly head. It mocks you, and where logical reasoning calculates and presents “facts”, the magnitude of impossibilities heightens anxieties. Sound familiar? One would think that given the amount of miracle moments and answered prayers we have had in the past, we would be experts of faith by now with an iron clad will, unmoving despite the pressures of this life’s uncertainties and thought catastrophes. Yet this is not the case…at all. I’ve been there myself and transparently, still go through it. “Peace Be Still” seems to be elusive at moments, resulting in the emotional down spiral it causes. These are moments of Grace under fire. As a public figure, the pressure to show up fully is based both on audience demand and a self- imposed requirement. “I am” the role model or source of “inspiration” after all, as the world puts it. Publicly, the smile, the...... Read more on Full Issue!

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