Tuesday May 1, 2018

Every time I introduce my Mom to any circle, people get shocked all the time. They couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman in her early 40’s is my mother. She’s not the ‘typical Filipina’ Mom, I guess, that makes her stand out. She dresses like a beauty queen, but performs like a soldier at work. Anyone who really knows her and her story would agree that she’s really a hard working person. Not because she’s the bread winner of the family, but because she always strives for the best, always looking out for the people she loves, and because she has the most generous heart. My Mom as a mother is not perfect. But I love her perfectly! I learned a lot from her, about how to be and how not to be. I myself am a mother. I picked up a lot of good things from her and I took note about those that she lacks so could be a better Mom to my beautiful daughter. I’m very thankful to my mother for everything. She deserves everything good that this world has to offer because of her sacrifices, with blood and sweat. She deserves a beautiful life. She gave me and my brothers, everything that she’s got. Despite her being sick, this doesn’t stop her from working and giving us everything that she can. And, she wants nothing from us but to see us happy. She’s my warrior. And I’m proud to say that Gina Ronquillo is my Mom....... Read more on Full Issue!

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