Rising Actor/Model Renato Vidalon

Monday May 1, 2017

There is a popular belief that there is no place left in Hollywood for outsiders - the town is already full of those who were lucky enough to be involved in the business from a very young age. From Kylie Jenner to Ryan Gosling, it almost seems like in order to become a star, having an insider family connection seems almost necessary to many. This certainly isn’t the case for Renato Vidalon, an actor/model who flew here all the way from Lima, Peru. “I had a cousin living in Los Angeles, but that was about it. I left my parents and friends in Peru” told Renato. The twenty year old star, when asked about what it was like to move out, told us “ my family and friends from Peru they all believe in me, and they have always supported me, I’m very happy that my family accepts the idea of myself moving to LA. Renato’s father and brother are both electrical engineers, and he was also expected to become one. But, he always knew that he wanted to become an entertainer. “I was sixteen when I first did my professional acting job. I was in a Peruvian TV show called “Somos Family ” he told. After the first job, Renato said that he “fell in love with the job”, and decided to move to the United States to study acting. He lived in San Francisco first for six months, attending to acting workshops and pursuing his dream. There, he met Linda DeFilippo, his current manager. “She told me that I could do more things in LA, and as soon as I graduated high school, I moved to LA.” “My biggest challenge was finding agents and a manager” told Renato. “ It took a while,...... Read more on Full Issue!

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