Friendship Gala Raises Funds For The Oral Cancer Foundation

Sunday December 1, 2019

The 2019 Friendship Gala raised funds for the Oral Cancer Foundation. The event was organized by Vie Daughton and Faye Dodge. Assisting Vie was her husband, Alan Daughton, who handled the finances. Vie and Alan’s son, Gary Daughton, also participated by acting as co-Master of Ceremonies. Many friends of Vie and Faye assisted in the preparations with decorations and door prizes. This was the third year that the Friendship Gala was held. The first gala was held in 2017 and raised money to buy musical instruments for the Children’s Choir at Vie’s church. The following year the proceeds were given to the Thomas House Shelter. The Friendship Gala is the primary fund-raising mechanism for the Friends with a Goal organization. The organization was created in 2017 by Vie Daughton when she realized that formal dinner parties were very popular in her community and could be used as a fun way to raise money for charity. In addition to the ticket sales, money is also raised by raffling off door prizes. Gala attendees show up dressed in their finest clothes and celebrate their friendship by sharing a nice meal, dancing and taking lots of photos!...... Read more on Full Issue!

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